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Institute of Christian Ministry


Young believers often says, "I want to serve God but I am not sure about God's Calling... "On the other hand, pastoral workers are saying, "We are in shortage of manpower while the demand for youth ministry workers is imperative. The church administrative workload is also very heavy."

Church ministy workers are in great demand and more pastors are reflecting that it's more effective to have the youth serving the youth . Our pastors recognize that both biblical foundation and the ability to serve in the forefront are indispensable. Therefore, we strongly believe that providing both theoretical and practical curriculum is the key in the up bringing of youth leaders.



  1. Full-time / Part-time Associate Degree / Higher Diploma in Christian Ministry
    The first and second years serve as the foundation for Full-time / Part-time Bachelor of Ministry in Christian Ministry and Full-time / Part-time Associate Degree / Higher Diploma in Christian Ministry. Students are required to attend the following (each counting 50% of the course):
    1. Biblical theology subjects
    2. Liberal Studies, on-the-job training, language subjects

    Those who have completed the minimum required credits of the course will be awarded the Full-time Associate Degree in Christian Ministry. The schedule for part-time students caries accordingly.

  2. Full-time / Part-time Bachelor of Ministry in Christian Ministry
    Students may select to major in "Social Service", "Music Ministry", or "Sports Ministry", with theology and biblical studies as the foundation for all. After the completion of thesis and oral assessment in the 4th year, the Degree will be awarded by the Hong Kong Christian Cherith Ministry Institute. Students will also be qualified to advance their studies at Christian Leadership Institute, USA.


Course Outlines


  1. Promote equal importance in theory and practice
  2. Concentrate on students' spirituality, character building, and team spirit
  3. Deliver training in knowledge, skills and attitude
  4. Provide employment counseling and referral


Admission Requirement (Hong Kong Students)

  1. Christian 17-year-old and above
  2. Secondary 6 graduates
  3. Written test and interview required

Enrollment Details

Available in Chinese version only or call 2783 3392 for queries.

Available in Chinese version only.